Heavenly Socks Yarns Groupboard

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The whiteboard lets you draw and write onto a shared space: You see what other people are drawing, and they see what you're drawing. To draw, click and drag in the whiteboard area. Below the whiteboard, click these buttons/menus:
Mode Menu Select from dropdown menu:
Freehand Freehand lines.
Text Click on whiteboard to position cursor, then type text. Press Enter on your keyboard to move down a line, or click elsewhere on whiteboard to place type there.
Lines Straight lines.
Ovals Hollow ellipses or circles.
Rectangles Hollow rectangles or squares.
Filled Ovals Solid ellipses or circles.
Filled Rectangles Solid rectangles or squares.
Flood Fill Use with caution! Fills clicked area with solid color.
Size Select text/line size (1 to 10 pixels) from dropdown menu.
Colour 12-color palette plus 216-color extended palette.
Clear Clears the whiteboard.
Set Background Sets background to 1 of 4 choices: BLANK, graph paper, sweater or sock.
Load Click to select a title, then click Load. Previously saved picture will appear on the whiteboard in fast animation; you'll see the stages of the drawing process. Other board users will also see the picture you've loaded.
Save To save a drawn picture. Type title, name and email address, and click OK. Saving a picture clears the whiteboard. There's a limit of 20 pictures.


By default, you appear in the Chat To box as Anon_123 (the number changes each time). To replace this, type your name in box labeled Name and press Enter on your keyboard. Type text into long white text box below chat space, press Enter on your keyboard, and your text will appear in the chat space. If ALL is selected in Chat To box, your text will appear to all users. To talk exclusively to one person, click his/her name in the list. To Ignore a user (hide his/her messages), click his/her name, then click Ignore. Click ALL again after Ignoring a user, otherwise you'll be talking to the Ignored user. Note: There's a limit of 5 users.

Message Board

Bulletin board for posting stored messages, visible to all users. After opening the Message Board window, to view previous messages, click their titles and they will display. For other functions, click the following buttons:
Post New Article To post a new message.
Post Reply To post a reply to another user's message. This creates a "thread."
Email Reply Automatically opens your computer's default e-mail program, with the message's author's name/e-mail address in the To field.
Refresh After posting a message, click Refresh to see its title appear in the top text area.
Close Closes the Message Board window.
Float Lets Groupboard appear in separate window (outside your browser). Access board functions through menus at window top. Click Unfloat to restore default appearance.

(Adapted by Websafe Studio from the Groupboard User Manual, 12-29-05)