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Beverly's Yarn Crazy!

I am fortysomething. I am disabled and I feel that yarn keeps me mostly sane. I have been knitting for about five years and crocheting since my grandmother taught me at age seven. I always have two or three projects going at the same time. My projects are usually for gifts, charity or myself, but not for sale. I am new to blogging, but I love that I now have a place to express my love of everything to do with yarn!

Demonic Progress

I'm that rare creature, the native Mainer. Born and raised in Aroostook County (that tippy-top part that sticks into Canada), living currently in Maine's midcoast region. I like to knit, and I used to own a yarn shop, but my knitting is hampered somewhat by the fact that I had a stroke in April 2010, leaving my right side paralyzed. Posts from before that time show my regular knitting, and posts after that show what I have accomplished so far.

Happycrafter 207

I have a podcast on iTunes which seems to be a hit for those who listen. You can local it at Happycrafter 207 (Podcast). My blog (show notes) is located at Happycrafter 207 (Blog). My podcast is about my life in Maine and the crafting fun that I take part in. My crafts of choice are knitting, quilting, sewing and rughooking. I also include including cooking and baking because nothing goes better with crafting than food and laughter.

Remember that crafting in any area code is great.

Jung at Heart/Knitting

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 11, and being the person I am I set out to make a tennis sweater -- you know the white ones with the cables -- knit on size 4's as my first project. I think it took me about 5 years to finish it! I knit all through college then wandered off to weaving and needlepoint and things like that for a while but I eventually returned to knitting and am quite faithful to it now.

I always have at least one pair of socks, a lace shawl or stole and one or two other projects in progress -- I am most definitely a process knitter.

I am a Jungian psychotherapist and I live in Belfast with my husband and 3 wonderful cats.

Knitting By the Sea

I'm a knitter who works for two windjammers in midcoast Maine to support my yarn habits. Time and space are precious commodities in my life these days. My husband and I share our home with our mothers as well as two black labs. Knitting offers me a productive way to spend time regardless of what's going on or where I'm going, and takes up very little space. Yarn stash? That doesn't count, does it?
Contact info: Shary Fellows, shary at gwi dot net.

Knitting Out Loud

Knitting Out Loud is an audiobook publishing company founded by Kathy Goldner, who was taught to knit as a teenager by her German grandmother. When she returned to knitting in 2007, Kathy solved the agonizing conflict between reading about knitting and knitting by starting Knitting Out Loud.

Mary Jane, Midge & Mink

Fair Isle knitting is one of Mary Jane's passions. She also enjoys amateur photography.

Julie Hosho Rose

Julie Rose is generally known around Belfast as a tattoo artist. She's been knitting since she was ten years old and has tried just about every craft that there is. She once made a living weaving tartans and fine linens on a 19th-century loom. Occasionally, Julie teaches Greek style (around your neck) knitting. She's quite the proselytizer for this method of knitting, for it's very easy on the hands. These days, at home, you can find Julie quilting, knitting or making beaded necklaces, her new obsession.

A Sheep in Wools' Clothing

Raised overseas, my mother taught me to knit at the age of six. I made the obligatory wobbly-sided scarf, and never touched the needles again until I was expecting my first child. By the time my second child was on the way, Knitters magazine was here, and the rest is history. Now some 200 knitting books later, I've added spinning to the mix. By day, I am an anesthesiologist and single mother of four kids, ages 15 to 25. I dabble in designing, and, from time to time, am known to teach classes in knitting two socks on two circs simultaneously from the toe up.

My blog, A Sheep In Wools' Clothing, attempts to share and journal my fiber adventures, treasures, friendships and animals along my journey into the black hole of fiber pursuits!

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