Heavenly Socks Yarns

March 2008

During the month of March, all yarn in our "cotton section" will be on sale at 20% off. Some customers over the years have expressed that they "do not like working with cotton." We believe that this may be because cotton yarns in the past have been less "springy" and more likely to "split" compared to wool yarns. The yarn industry knows this too and many companies have put out lovely cotton and cotton-blend yarns. If you're one of those cotton-resistant knitters, please consider giving it a second try. We'll happily let you know what cotton yarns may work best for you -- and which are less likely to split. Included in this sale will be our new spring yarns:
Purelife: Rowan's organic cotton (dk weight)
Seduce: rayon, linen, silk and nylon textured blend with a sheen
Top Seed Cotton: multicolor worsted weight
Pomaire: hand-dyed shaded
Two new bamboo blends: one solid, one variegated (dk weight)
Flow, a Norah Gaughan pattern
Pictured is the garment that Helen is halfway done knitting for store display, made out of Seduce. The pattern is called Flow. You can see other Norah Gaughan patterns available in the booklet at this Berocco page. This booklet is available at the shop.
It is likely that we'll be taking a few days off for vacation during the first week of April. If you are traveling any distance, please call or check the Web site just to be sure.
The Jumble Shoppe, March 2008 The Jumble Shoppe in downtown Belfast will be changing its name -- and its identity! -- to Stitches and Stuff. Paula will be carrying embroidery floss, thread, needlepoint supplies, tapestry yarn, Red Heart yarn, felt squares, and many other needlework and craft items. She also plans to offer classes. We're working together to make sure we have what people need in this area without having to leave Belfast. This new venture will not compete with our shop, but complement it by enhancing the availability of materials and supplies for all kinds of fiber projects.